Jointed [verb]

Definition of Jointed:

slay and prepare animal for meat

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Sentence/Example of Jointed:

Any evolved robots will need to be capable of sensing their environment and have diverse means of moving—for example using wheels, jointed legs, or even mixtures of the two.

But we must have a complete scheme of evacuation by land and sea, not two badly jointed schemes.

The flat joint jointed (two forms, B and C) is a development of the flush joint.

Some were made of clay, others of wax, and even jointed arms and legs were not unknown (Fig. 21).

He was of the same size, he was jointed in the same manner, and he was made of shining tin from top to toe.

A grass with knotted or jointed stem: some, however, suppose marjoram to be intended here.

I was one of those long, lanky, loose-jointed girls Who fool people into believing They are willowy and psychic and mysterious.

"I'll receive him," said Sir Peter, "with a musical salute," And he gave some imitations of a double-jointed flute.

The terms were so loose-jointed that the neighbors lamented the old woman's lack of business sense.

(c) Segmented worms are long, jointed creatures composed of body rings or segments.