Joists [noun]

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In the middle of this broad and fantastically carved joist there was an old painting representing a cat playing rackets.

Two small forks or bucks-horns fastened to a joist are indispensable articles for the support of the rifle.

To all the woodwork round the prison doors they did the like, leaving not a joist or beam untouched.

They tied her hands, then hung her to the joist and lashed her with a cow hide.

The farmer sat down upon a joist beside a vat in which a bundle of osiers were steeping, his face turned towards the farmhouse.

Joist is sounded joice in Limerick; and catch is everywhere pronounced ketch.

Surely assembled nations Are gathering for a fête Of tournament, sham fight or joist, In pride of strength elate.

Displaying greater care than it did when treating the slender roots, the carpenter measures out the requisite length on the joist.

For he set the light very carefully in the crook of a joist so that it illumined the whole hut.

Not a joist had bent, not a girder started in the long course of its two hundred and odd years of life.