Joked [verb]

Definition of Joked:

kid, tease

Synonyms of Joked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Joked:

Sentence/Example of Joked:

Instead, I laughed and joked with the cops at the station, and tried not to be alone with Burke.

He grew older and more thoughtful, and seldom joked with the other men.

Mina had a vague sense that serious things were being joked about.

She petted him, joked with him, scolded him, and inquired searchingly into his morals and habits.

MacGregor figured out my menu for me a week ahead, the day he left: "Anyhow, you'll only last a week," he joked.

For they were both so jolly, and laughed and joked so much along the road, that no one who heard them could be sad.

Lovers of a feline disposition, who were never seen by daylight, joked and darted at each other in and out of area gates.

His audience some of them took their cue from his own ironical manner, and joked; others looked as if they had been trifled with.

Mr. Snow came and came, and drew an ominous face and doubled the tonics and changed them, and talked and joked and scolded.

As several masked figures had joked him on walking about so vaguely by himself, he thought that this was but another jest.