Jokes [noun]

Definition of Jokes:

fun, quip

Synonyms of Jokes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jokes:

Sentence/Example of Jokes:

I couldn't help laughing, and he made a great many jokes at the expense of the waiters and everybody else.

Deppe was in an uncommonly good humour, and kept making little jokes.

He is small, alert, brimful of jokes and of years; seventy they say, but he neither looks it nor acts it.

At lunch he was the greatest possible fun, bubbling over with jokes and witty sallies.

His raciest stories fell on dull ears; none of his jokes called forth a smile.

You will never do anything in school but make jokes and try the patience of your teachers.

She began to see that there was a chance for her to escape being a butt for her school-fellows jokes.

Frank was staggering, garrulous, laughing a great deal over very small jokes.

No one to hear my jokes, would have imagined it possible that I was suffering under the disease I did.

The Parisian of all time cracks jokes and makes lampoons before, during, and after the most horrible revolutions.