Jollity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jollity:

These practical jokes are all taken in good part and made to contribute to the jollity of the season.

I takes it reg'lar, and I can warrant it to drive away any illness as is caused by too much jollity.'

In the previous September Howard had reported her 'never so gallant many years, nor so set upon jollity.'

Cooney Brashear added to the jollity by suggesting that Alfred "give Sammy's mewel a dose the next time he kicks you."

They looked on at blows given and taken in good temper, hardship sharpening jollity.

The cavalcade being over, the couples went up into an upper room, where they concluded the evening with great jollity.

We spent a perfectly quiet evening, intending to have our Christmas-day's jollity on Tuesday when the boys are at home.

Not its business—Elliott had expected business, but its odd mingling of jollity 94 with activity.

Suddenly the air was filled with bells, all chanting together of peace and happiness, mirth and jollity—a frenzy of bells.

Within all was jollity; beautiful women moved to and fro, and the happy laughter of children came to him.