Jolted [verb]

Definition of Jolted:

surprise; push suddenly

Synonyms of Jolted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jolted:

Sentence/Example of Jolted:

Fuller says that they were terribly jolted, and seemed to bounce altogether from the track, but lighted on the rails in safety.

He buckled dizzily with weakness and nausea, but then an invisible force jolted him upright and motionless.

He jolted to a halt, cut the engine and wiped a red bandana over his wrinkled, sweating face.

They jolted him back to life with stimulant injections and vigorous slaps and resumed working on him.

Something had jolted the specialist in British Columbia timber and paralyzed his business nerve centers.

The horses set off at a fast trot, and the rig jolted furiously among the ruts.

Suddenly the wheels jolted on a rubble of loose stones; the carriage was swung sideways.

"Jolted up a little, that's all," answered Matt, stopping to pick up his cap.

She went up and up, like a deer, whilst the trap jolted and swung from side to side.

He was jolted considerably, although no particular damage was done, and got into the tonneau with a wild scramble.