Jostling [verb]

Definition of Jostling:

bump, shake

Synonyms of Jostling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jostling:

Sentence/Example of Jostling:

Reaching Piccadilly, Gray stood for a time on the corner, indifferent to the jostling of passers-by.

The school children were jostling against each other on the planks, on the opposite side of the street, laughing and shouting.

As in a dream, she saw that her room was full of snakes, all jostling and squabbling over the bowls of milk until it was finished.

A woman's place is at home, in a handsome drawing-room, with every comfort about her—not jostling about in the crowd with men.

Ruth heeded neither the jostling of office-boys, porters, or draymen, as she held out her eager hand for the letter.

A crowd gathered around, and in the jostling and pushing Jones and Wood were separated, and Wood walked away.

You would see people walking up and down and in and out for no reason, and jostling each other round and round.

It had only been for five minutes, in the wing, amid jostling and shuffling and shoving, that they held this conference.

The jostling crowds in the streets below suddenly stood motionless.

He had a wonderful faculty for making his way through a crowd, without jostling anybody or being jostled himself.