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In the new study, published Wednesday in the journal Frontiers of Microbiology, researchers report how a specific type of bacteria on the International Space Station survived these harsh space elements for three whole years.

To determine who these people were, Justin Lehmiller, Kinsey Fellow and lead author of the original study in the journal Leisure Sciences, conducted a secondary analysis of the data.

“The idea with those journals is if you can get one publication in one of those journals, it kind of makes your career,” says economist Zoe McLaren, an associate professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Her typical year’s output might include a scholarly book, articles in learned journals, encyclopedia entries, and short pieces in Good Housekeeping and Redbook that spun anthropological findings into practical advice.

The field was so underpopulated in those days, it didn’t even have its own journal.

While this prize is officially awarded for a single notable paper, in Maynard’s case the prize committee couldn’t resist citing three papers, all of which appeared in top mathematics journals.

The result, presented for the first time at the virtual meeting, must still clear the hurdle of peer review in a scientific journal before it is fully official.

The findings for dexamethasone have not yet appeared in a scientific journal.

Those are the results of a 2019 study in the journal Movement Ecology.

With the instruments I worked on, the very first grad student has been able to present her work at a couple of conferences and has been working on papers to publish in journals.