Journeyed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Journeyed:

The first thing that you notice when it comes to customers on social media is the shortened customer journey.

The other thing that we learned is just really bringing your users along the journey from the very beginning, can pay off a lot.

With three hours of sleep and a 15-hour journey behind me, I’m at the border on time.

It creates this experience where people trust them more, and want to help, and want to be part of their lives and part of their journey.

Uneven prints hint that the surface was slippery and that on one leg of the journey, the person at times shifted a heavy load.

It’s been a very long journey that’s taking years and I’m still on it.

In this episode, they open up about their journeys and talk about the need to change damaging beliefs about weight and food that are deeply embedded in the culture of the sport.

However, this is not a journey that can be void of education.

Their journey wasn’t long—just to another area of the same site, about 100 feet away from the Pacific Ocean and just three feet above sea level.

Because of differences in orbital alignments, it will not begin its return journey until 2021.