Journeyman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Journeyman:

If being a journeyman professional distance runner was a rough way to make a living before, the pandemic has made it virtually impossible.

You learn that this journeyman artist once was a well-known painter of the Quarter, who had drawn for years in the academies.

The proportion of journeymen to apprentices was regulated: there were to be three apprentices to one journeyman.

The letter from his son, who had finished his apprenticeship as journeyman joiner half a year ago, was sufficiently frivolous.

Orion, by this time seventeen and a very good journeyman printer, obtained a place in St. Louis to aid in the family support.

He had never employed a journeyman, and would never take more than two apprentices at a time.

The hero is a painstaking, faithful journeyman carpenter, desirous of doing good work.

The good woman who encouraged me with this piece of information certainly thought I was a journeyman locksmith.

Punish the journeyman villain, but not the journeyman shoemaker.

Have done, my good Hans, my honest journeyman; look cheerily!