Journeys [noun]

Definition of Journeys:


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Sentence/Example of Journeys:

It sometimes happened that Ki Pak, in performing his official duties, was obliged to make long journeys to various parts of Korea.

One of Yung Pak's greatest pleasures was to listen to the stories which his father used to tell him about these journeys.

This is the bald outline of our long and interesting journeys, which by land and sea comprehended some 70,000 miles.

On all our journeys to and from the Dominions, and in all our expeditions by sea or by land, my wife accompanied me.

The nearer we drew to the journeys end, the more restless and anxious I became.

Apart from his suburban trip to Putney, we find the diarist chronicling journeys to and from Portsmouth.

Truly these were strange journeys, undertaken at the age of nearly a hundred and forty years!

He only knew that the drive through the shady stretches of woodland grew suddenly to seem like little journeys into paradise.

Weston did not think that any of the bush ranchers would hire them one, as horses are not always brought back from such journeys.

He had shot an otter on one of his journeys along the stream, but said he had seen hardly a trace of beavers.