Joust [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Joust:

Therefore, said the strong knight, I will joust with thee, for I hate all these that be of Arthur's court.

And these two knights met with Sir Tristram and questioned with him, and asked him if he would joust with them.

Then saw they a knight on horseback well armed, brandishing a spear, crying and proffering himself to joust.

And if ye think that I be weary, and ye have an appetite to joust with me, I shall find you jousting enough.

And therewithal he mounted upon his horse, and took a great spear in his hand ready for to joust.

Fair knight, said that knight, it would beseem a knight to joust and to fight on horseback.

And if she send out any knights, as I suppose she will, for to joust, they shall have both their hands full.

Then anon came forth a knight of the castle, and proffered to joust with the Knight with the Red Shield.

Then on the morn they apparelled them to joust, Sir Gawaine and his four brethren, and did there great deeds of arms.

Sir, said Palomides, I said it not because I would joust with you, but meseemeth that ye have overmuch on hand.