Jowls [noun]

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There are the best and the worst—all who can pay the price: the reformers cheek by jowl with the mayor and the Boss, by Jove!

This would be cheek-by-jowl with a bet that an heir would be born to one new-married pair before another pair.

The heavy jowl, the staring eye, and the blue-black moustache of the god made up a far-off resemblance to Mulvaney.

"I'll jowl your head for impudence," said Mrs. Morel, and she tied the strings of the black bonnet valiantly under her chin.

His agonised eyes, fear-stricken, glinted white in the moonlight, and there was foam on his jowl.

The strange man had iron-gray hair, a brow like Apollo, a jowl like Bill Sikes and much conversation.

Grim and strong his jowl was, like the Sleeper's, and the dark hair three days old on it softened nothing of its lines.

His face was large and pale, his neck bulged, and he had a gross unshaven jowl.

Jowl an me an the second hand went on deck t keep her afloat.

Them men in the forecastle isnt treatin us right, says Jowl.