Joyfully [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Joyfully:

That’s my signal to be signing off, too, still hopeful and joyful and filled with those important American values of neighborliness, love of family, can-do spirit and denial.

The second was a joyful recounting of his debut here as a 19-year-old Stanford freshman — “a little punk college student,” he said — playing a practice round with none other than Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, 10 green jackets between them.

Families will face painful decisions between what is safe and what is joyful.

After consulting with the city and the county, we all agree that a joyful and inclusive public celebration will take place as soon as it is safe to do so.

Her conversation with Rory is a sweet grace note in their friendship, and the look of glee on her face as Zach and Rory push her bed through the town square is incredibly joyful.

Honey-Bee was too proper to fling hers up also, so taking off the shoe that wouldn't stay on she threw it joyfully over her head.

Cheerfully and joyfully he would die a thousand times to hasten the triumph of liberty.

Thyrsis accepted joyfully, and forthwith carried off a couple of embryo books to his room.

Catherine de' Medici, seeing a chance of support to her policy in a national representation, joyfully agreed to it.

Death in its most horrible shape would have been courted joyfully by me in preference to it.