Joylessly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Joylessly:

Moments like these are the mothers in travail of a resolve joylessly conceived, undesired to clasp, Necessity's offspring.

Dull and joylessly he did his duty, and deeper and deeper the lines became traced upon his forehead.

I, who had centred everything round one thought, must now start joylessly along new paths.

All the same, as he saw that the man was thirsty and held out his glass, he poured wine for him, but he ate and drank joylessly.

The summer dragged along joylessly, and Keith had to fall back on Johan's company in so far as he could obtain it.

Turning his head towards me Captain C— smiled too, rather joylessly.

Turning his head toward me, Captain C—— smiled, too, rather joylessly.

He had the air of a man who looks coolly and joylessly upon his future.

Those who were left went about their work silently and joylessly.

He got it against his breast joylessly, and then bade her to try the weight of the two.