Joylessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Joylessness:

They stood fixed, their baffled hearts looking out of their eyes with a joylessness pitiful to see.

My mother, I believe, used to attribute in part to Fanny's early training her early joylessness.

The poverty, the utter joylessness of her solitary life, precluded the supposition.

A sense of utter joylessness fell on Napier, as for a few minutes longer he kept the pace at Julian's heels.

Here in England I have come face to face with destitution; with hunger, labour, sweat, and barren joylessness.

One might think so, since asceticism has no joylessness comparable to that of the blasted rou or utter worldling.

Never was there such joylessness as in Mr. Hearty's dining-room that morning.

They look like little isles of glare and showing off, and human joylessness, dotting the earth.

One hour of pure happiness she had indeed enjoyed, but how many days, months, years of joylessness and suffering lay behind her!

From an outer darkness of unhappiness or at least of joylessness, they had all come hither—as I had come.