Joyousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Joyousness:

We expected to see the old gods and goddesses again to participate in the joyousness of an ancient mirth.

In general, it was joyousness which was poured out in these hymns.

There was a sort of glorying in its deep tone; it was not the hollow hysteric of shame and despair—it spoke a sanguine joyousness!

He was so confident of it that his cheerful mood deepened, turned in fact into joyousness.

Her piquant face was radiant with happiness, the whole effect of her was of a sort of buoyant joyousness.

And there was a certain joyousness in her love for sunshine, flowers, people, and all the attractive things of life.

The city gave itself up to a joyousness almost unprecedented.

But Isaacson's inner joyousness, however carefully concealed, made its influence felt, as joy will.

Her apparent joyousness gave helping hands to something in Nigel, leading it forward, onward—whither?

“Good-morning, Mr. Wainwright,” she fluted in a voice high with excitement and joyousness.