Jubilance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jubilance:

The atmosphere was a mixture of jubilant and dismayed, as demonstrators who said they stormed the Capitol recounted seeing a woman bleeding and medical workers treating her.

His signature “future soul” sound made him a standout star as a member of Snarky Puppy, but with this title song, Henry is offering longtime and new listeners a powerfully jubilant performance that is needed in all of our Christmas stockings.

I was in a jubilant mood, so when the Sheik walked past me, I slapped his shoulder and said, “Better luck next time!”

To the south was a large, jubilant street party, in front of historic Reading Terminal Market.

After geneticist Janna Hutz shared the relevant section of HGNC’s new guidelines on Twitter, the response from the community was jubilant.

It was not long, but it fairly sang with jubilance and the feel of it in his hand was warm.

With what a spring of determination, with what a shout of jubilance, will the people rise to their emancipation!

The three met with jubilance, and drove straight to the Savoy, for there was not more than time to have tea and dress.

He waited until they came up, their horses pounding over the uneven sod urged by the jubilance of their riders.

Art Kuzak's reply had an undercurrent of jubilance, as if whatever he knew now was better than he had expected.