Jubilant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jubilant:

They’ve put faith in a star-studded prime-time special and a virtual parade, among other events, to distract from a National Mall populated by law enforcement officers instead of jubilant supporters.

Piegan, at this moment, set up a jubilant hallooing down the river, and shortly came rushing back to us.

"Mon enfant," he triumphantly added, with an air of jubilant proprietorship.

It was not a hurrah that they gave so much as a wild, jubilant cry of inexpressible joy.

The same jubilant success was attending the whole army, though not without sharp resistance on the part of the enemy in places.

He was led past the ammunition cases, and the men in their jubilant work of packing the mules.

When Bumper floated away from the mouth of the sewer on his raft, he felt quite jubilant, and a little proud of his achievement.

He withdrew with a jubilant flourish, and the two chums fell to on their food.

Father Letheby, after his unusually heavy confessional, was jubilant.

He wears a jubilant air, and slaps the grave John on the back.