Judged [verb]

Definition of Judged:

make decision from evidence; deduce

Opposite/Antonyms of Judged:

Sentence/Example of Judged:

It’s a track record about which we’re proud — and that we want to maintain — so it’s crucial that we get the exact right mix of judges.

A week later, in front of a different judge, the housing authority dropped the claim about timeliness.

Friday, a judge tentatively ruled Leventhal’s team had a point.

To make these calls, human referees, umpires and judges train for years.

A judge dismissed the motions but left open the possibility of another challenge.

So when Kennedy retired and was replaced by a more conservative judge, someone else had to take his place in the center.

For instance, in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin – the first to make the declaration – over 4,000 county employees, including judges and police, have received racial equity training.

I mean, a lot of people put a lot of weight on the president’s appointment of judges, which is outside of the executive branch.

A federal judge recently ruled in favor of Safehouse, but there will be more legal action before any such facility can open.

Judged from this point of view only, the elasticity provided by the new law is doubtless adequate.