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It was meant, he said, to localize enforcement of public health orders and create a quicker judicial process than the tools previously available.

The competitions involve students learning about the law and the judicial system by playing the roles of attorneys and witnesses.

In 2013, when he was Senate majority leader, Reid nuked it for non-Supreme Court judicial nominees in the face of a GOP blockade.

David Wasserman, the House editor of the Cook Political Report, suggested that the time crunch could lead to more judicial intervention in this round of mapmaking.

Hoffman said last year the state’s judiciary submitted a short statement opposing limits to what they perceived to be judicial discretion, but said their silence this year was noteworthy.

A dozen sitting judges who have been disciplined for misconduct by the state’s judicial watchdog skated through their last appointment, no questions asked, The Post and Courier and ProPublica found.

The nuclear option has been employed twice in the past decade—once in 2013 by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and then once in 2017 by McConnell—to make it easier to confirm executive and judicial nominations.

As the court ushers in a new era of conservative dominance—with anti-LGBTQ justices holding a 6-3 supermajority—the fragile judicial coalition on which the movement for equality has relied is at significant risk of being cast aside.

In return, McConnell held on to his Senate seat, protected the Republican caucus and secured the hundreds of conservative judicial appointments he sees as his most important legacy.

Accountability is also a Buddhist teaching, and in the context of AI ethics it requires effective legal and political mechanisms as well as judicial independence.