Judicially [adverb]

Definition of Judicially:

in a manner suggestive of the law

Synonyms of Judicially:

Opposite/Antonyms of Judicially:

Sentence/Example of Judicially:

Republicans have claimed that Barrett is not as hardline conservative, not as big a threat to women’s reproductive rights as her judicial and personal history suggests.

You’re pushing me to try to violate the judicial canon of ethics and to offer advisory opinions, and I won’t do that.

Voters kicked him out in 2018 in the county’s only contested judicial race.

Their concerns point to Barrett’s judicial history of supporting anti-LGBTQ and pro-life policy, as well as opposing the Affordable Care Act.

Nelly Decker, Warner’s press secretary, said the senator welcomes his constituents to share their thoughts on judicial reform.

A judicial nominee certainly has an interest in keeping their powder dry, and judicial nominees routinely decline to weigh in on undecided legal matters.

Lewis shared some helpful links and ideas, like referring to the San Diego County Bar Association’s judicial candidate ratings.

They rate the judicial candidates based on their qualifications.

Her repeatedly implying that she is not sure how she would rule on some of these hot-button issues is misleading — even if it’s par for the course in present-day judicial confirmation processes.

Her work primarily focuses on judicial reforms, fair courts, and access to justice.