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The classic example of this is Peru in 1992, when strongman President Alberto Fujimori purged the political opposition from Congress and the judiciary and wrote a new constitution.

Even the judiciary is not immune to his overarching influence.

The Delaware case raised tricky constitutional questions about the state’s desire to make sure its judiciary is politically balanced.

Leaders of the federal judiciary are working to block bipartisan legislation designed to create a national database of court records that would provide free access to case documents.

He attacked anybody and everybody who disagreed with him, including members of the judiciary, members of Congress, the press.

Our independent judiciary becomes nothing but another political body, a second legislative or political branch.

That case is different from the one in Pennsylvania, and Roberts has joined his fellow conservatives in previous cases to keep the federal judiciary from granting exceptions to state laws because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is on track for confirmation, as judiciary committee hearings wrapped up on Thursday.

The ruling party, the presidency and the judiciary have to have separate identities, and I do not see any presidential candidate taking this seriously.

If this court accepts the premise, it’s the end of the idea of an independent judiciary.