Juggernaut [noun]

Definition of Juggernaut:

overpowering force

Synonyms of Juggernaut:

Opposite/Antonyms of Juggernaut:


Sentence/Example of Juggernaut:

Then something screamed at them out there in the night and came at them like a juggernaut.

His Juggernaut's car must roll on its course over her body or Mary Lawrie's.

The school of hardship is not for those who love luxury, and to the poverty stricken it is not a school--it is a Juggernaut.

And there are hints of humaner opinions; it's not all a huge rolling block of a Juggernaut.

Like a Juggernaut, it continued to advance, crushing all who got in its way, the innocent and the evil alike.

To compare the South's effort to preserve race integrity with India's Juggernaut of caste is absurd.

I was its child, born in its bosom, but if I broke its laws it would roll over me like a relentless Juggernaut.

It rolled down the new concrete strip, a silver juggernaut in a cloud of red dust.

Not content with sitting on all the old ladies' laps, you must make a Juggernaut of every ice-boat that comes along.

Casting ones self under the wheels of the car of Juggernaut was another method of religious suicide.