Juggle [verb]

Definition of Juggle:

mislead, falsify; handle several things at once

Synonyms of Juggle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Juggle:

Sentence/Example of Juggle:

A frind iv mine wanst got full iv kerosene an' attempted to juggle a polisman.

Through her tears his meagre face showed as a seraph's who spoke the truth and forbade her to juggle with her soul.

He was all in white, his waistcoat had long sleeves, and every minute it seemed as if he must begin to juggle with glasses.

He couldn't even juggle one foot backward and forward without correction.

My thoughts merely revel and juggle with them, picture and legend—they are pastimes of my child-self.

The contracted dimensions of his mysterious prison were now too gross and palpable to be the juggle of his heated imagination.

Any subject which is being handled dangerously must be juggled out of sight, and the determination to juggle it must be concealed.

Otherwise the conclusion is impotent, and the whole argument becomes a mere juggle of words.

A juggle would have set Austrians and Russians fighting one another.

“How you politicians do juggle with your consciences,” she retorted.