Jugglers [noun]

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The juggler, with the assistance of his remedies, can perform cures which seem miraculous to ignorant spectators.

She was exceedingly dexterous at this sort of work, and would have proved a formidable rival to many a juggler by profession.

I feel rather like—like a juggler who's trying for the first time to keep a lot of new things going in the air all at once.

At best, the spiritual operations are childish, or at least they fall short of the tricks of a Chinese juggler.

A wonderful juggler did all sorts of curious tricks and a young man sang the drollest of songs.

Mr. Crookes might, with equal propriety, examine the performances of an Indian juggler.

The juggler did many other tricks, even tossing balls up into the air and letting them fall in a tall silk hat he wore.

This was probably put up outside the house or booth of a juggler, and served as his sign.

To the world at large he was a "wizard" and a "juggler" before he was acknowledged a teacher of truth—a man of science.

It is leaning for help on the conjurer, juggler, and high-priest of Nature.