Jugular [adjective]

Definition of Jugular:

pertaining to the throat

Synonyms of Jugular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jugular:


Sentence/Example of Jugular:

Deeper and deeper the crooked teeth dug; and then with a burst of bright blood, they pierced the jugular vein itself.

Kill by cutting the jugular vein with a sharp pen-knife, just under the sides of the head, and hang them up to bleed.

(ii) If there be thrombosis of the bulb of the jugular vein.

He would tear Thoreau's jugular out if he had half a chance.

But Professor Huxley has kindly informed me that he has discovered a jugular fish in the Permian deposits.

He saw at once that a small artery had been severed, and its adjacency to the jugular made it a matter of extreme danger.

Before he got the weapon out, a dagger slashed his jugular and he went down gurgling in death.

Approach the animal carefully and place the point of the knife against the side of the animal's neck, just over the jugular vein.

Kazan was sorry that his master had returned, dazed and bleeding, after he had torn McCready's jugular.

He was fighting claws—claws that ripped like twenty razor-edged knives, and which even a jugular hold could not stop.