Juiceless [adjective]

Definition of Juiceless:

dry, desirous (especially for liquid)

Synonyms of Juiceless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Juiceless:

Sentence/Example of Juiceless:

January sees this plot of a dull, dirty green, unless hidden by snow; the dirty green is a short, juiceless herbage.

And yet, how completely those juiceless moments are outbalanced by the mass of his living, fragrant, robust song!

The trout, on the lookout for novelty, dashed up and swallowed disappointing juiceless morsels, and with them swallowed hooks.

Often they grow among wild cherries, which, juiceless now, are sweet as dried fruits from Persia.

Put into practice, either would make of life a juiceless grind.

Bent and gray and as juiceless as the grass of their beds, she slept more lightly and fretfully with every passing month.

In cider counties apples are called moisey when they are juiceless, dry, and without flavour—dead.

The flowers and herbs glittered indeed; but they seemed to be juiceless, and looked as if formed of crystal.

But was he therefore really dull and juiceless, unlovable and unloving?