Jumbled [adjective]

Definition of Jumbled:

confused, mixed-up

Synonyms of Jumbled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jumbled:

Sentence/Example of Jumbled:

Instead, a jumble of 21 candidates will appear on the ballot.

It was a jumbled cypher, but the training that Lechmere had had in that kind of thing enabled him to read it almost at a glance.

Comic and tragic were so jumbled up in this startling series of adventures, that Jack scarce knew whether to laugh or to cry.

Welcome shot past them like a bullet out of a gun, his voice trailing out behind him and becoming all jumbled up in the distance.

Pressing northward it was torn into the jumbled crush of serac-ice, sparkling beneath an unclouded sun.

Fossil beliefs of the most widely separated ages may be found jumbled together in the same story.

At times the wolves were so closely jumbled together that nothing could be distinguished but one black, heaving, and echoing mass.

Companies were as hopelessly jumbled and mixed as a galley of type that a compositor has dropped downstairs.

Such a pell-mell, such a welter, cavalry and musketeers all jumbled: our King must have given them a dreadful lathering.

The jig-saw puzzle to which he had likened criminal investigations was not so jumbled as it had been.