Jumbling [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jumbling:

When tested on a jumble of polyethylene, PET and EVOH beads, the solvent washes recovered more than 95 percent of each material — hinting that these solvents could be used to strip plastic components off bulkier items than packaging films.

Sunday afternoon, a jumble of humanity bowled into Burrow’s left leg as he planted it to throw.

While the microscopic deltamethrin crystals in the original spray have a haphazard structure, which looks like a jumble of misaligned flakes, the melted deltamethrin crystals solidified into starburst shapes when they cooled to room temperature.

TikTok, as Wired pointed out last year, is a “brilliant design nightmare”—an endless scroll of 15-second videos that seem to play at random, with hard-to-read fonts, and a jumble of non-intuitive icons.

In the hot rows, a jumble of multicolored wires crisscrosses in tangled skeins.

Then he will vent upon you a torrent of abuse, ending in some jumble of socialistic ideas of his own concoction.

It can only mislead and mystify and the greater part of the literature is a mere jumble of inaccurate and mystifying statements.

I am writing opposite Lady Hamilton, therefore you will not be surprised at the glorious jumble of this letter.

The jumble of the night had disintegrated most of the formed bodies, and the whole thing had the appearance of a vast dbcle.

The camp was pitched at two hundred and eighty-three miles amidst a jumble of ramps and sastrugi.