Jumbo [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jumbo:

He had leaped very smartly to this point of vantage, nevertheless he found Jumbo there before him, chattering worse than ever!

Had his legs been longer, Fred Greenwood would have pronounced him the equal of Jumbo himself.

Thereupon he asked me, even as you did some time ago, what I meant by Mumbo Jumbo?

Me Jumbo—come to lay breakfast, and cappen say you hab what you like ask for, especially someting nice for de young lady.

They kept up the jumbo sail, as the main jib is called; they reefed the foresail down to its smallest compass.

Pauline actually believed in her religion, believed in it to the extent of dishonoring their love to appease the mumbo-jumbo.

In such cases, the interposition of Mumbo Jumbo is called in and is always decisive.

They experienced several blows, and some they had to ride out hove-to under foresail and jumbo.

The icebox gave me a cold Jumbo bottle and I turned on our little portable set.

And as long as Jumbo is on the outside of the door there can never rise an occasion when I should want to use him.