Jumping [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jumping:

Every few days after that the boy took Squinty out of his pen, and let him do the rope-jumping and the acorn-hunting tricks.

One of Yung Pak's favourite toys was a wooden jumping-jack with a pasteboard tongue.

Jumping up, he presented at the giraffe, which was galloping off about two hundred yards ahead.

This is better than frightening them out of their skins by jumping out from behind a door and saying "Boo."

"Jack certainly deserves great credit for jumping in after you," said Pepper, warmly.

One day I went into my room; and there were Coosie and Carrie jumping up and down upon my spring-bed.

I sat down and laughed heartily; and the lambs kept on jumping, and looked as if they were trying to laugh too.

The monkey screamed from the tree-top and I, jumping off the elephant's back, fell on the ground and ran.

Simple was on the point of jumping right into it; but old Crafty stopped him again.

The birds were singing, black squirrels were jumping from bough to bough, and they could hear the tapping of the woodpecker.