Jungly [adjective]

Definition of Jungly:

covered with woods or trees

Synonyms of Jungly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jungly:


Sentence/Example of Jungly:

They will hardly be likely to trouble us here, but in that jungly bit behind it wouldn't be at all safe to rest like this.

Travel by a stream is sometimes jungly; but in the mountains, ranches and cabins are located beside streams.

In former days Kirengue was inhabited, and we reasonably hoped to find some supplies for the jungly march before us.

And then a first night is always a bit jungly—not quite fair on the play or the company, or the audience either for that matter.

Then we will go forward, and perhaps some of these jungly-fools will tell us where the road is.

They may perhaps ward off the bushes from the eyes of the animal, as it rushes through the thick cover of its jungly retreat.

This is a wretched village; barren plains bounded to the east by barren rather elevated hills; base jungly.

Immediately below him ran a jungly ravine, and behind him the hill rose sharply.

Then I ran on to the next open break in the jungly ravine, and again got up into a tree.

The herd of bison, it appears, were just outside a jungly ravine which ran up from the main forest through the grass land.