Junker [adjective]

Definition of Junker:

defective, insufficient, incompetent

Opposite/Antonyms of Junker:

Sentence/Example of Junker:

The old Junker anti-Semitism received a great impulse from the collapse of thrones which followed the Armistice of 1918.

The provisions and ammunition sent to him by Dr. Junker had had a very encouraging effect upon his troops.

When he returned, Wilhelm and Junker von Warmond were so engaged in eager conversation, that they did not notice his entrance.

Peter sat down for a short time and drank a glass of wine, but soon beckoned to the Junker and went out with him into the street.

You see only the exterior, Junker von Dornburg; three years have made many changes within.

Mother, isn't Junker Georg the tall captain with the blue feather, who ran down-stairs so fast to meet you?

The rivalry between the singers commenced with fresh vigor, and this time the Junker's beaming gaze met the young wife's eyes.

Adrian went away, returning with the answer that the Junker might wait in his father's study.

Adrian rushed down the stairs, and a few minutes after the Junker was standing in Peter's study, face to face with Maria.

Wilhelm knew the way and strode in front of Henrica; the Junker kept close at her side.