Junkers [noun]

Definition of Junkers:

old, dilapidated automobile

Synonyms of Junkers:

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Sentence/Example of Junkers:

The Junkers originally held their broad acres, their Rittergut, by military tenure.

The truth is that behind the German princes and princelings and Junkers there is the resolve of a united people.

A loyal military aristocracy like the Junkers is the mainstay of a national monarchy.

From nose to tail the Junkers became no more than a moving ball of fire.

It was as though they both intended to fly right straight into the Junkers.

These were the so-called Junkers (Yo͝onkers), direct descendants of the old feudal barons.

All of this played into the hands of the Junkers by making people all over Europe feel that war could not be avoided.

Even the Junkers are feeling the pressure of public opinion, and the great masses of the people demand peace.

The Junkers now was more like a moving cloud of smoke than an airplane flying through the air.

They simply wheeled across the sky in perfect attack formation, and then roared down on the Junkers.