Junkets [noun]

Definition of Junkets:

a trip

Synonyms of Junkets:

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Sentence/Example of Junkets:

In the evening dont take cream, strawberries, or junket, unless you eat hard cheese with them.

Dissolve the junket tablets in the cold water and add to the lukewarm milk.

Add the flavoring and the green coloring, making the junket a pale green, and stand in a warm place until set.

If the fruit used is permissible in the diet of an invalid, its combination with junket adds variety to the diet.

In the making of this dessert, all juice should be carefully drained from the fruit before the junket is poured over it.

Where the flavor of chocolate is found agreeable, such junket may be served in place of the plain junket.

Turn the junket into a dish or into molds and let stand in a warm place until set; then chill and serve.

Keep the junket cool until it is to be served, when it may be turned out of the mold or served in it.

This is taken from the stomachs of calves, made up commercially, and sold in the form of tablets called junket.

As junket will turn to whey if it is broken with a spoon to any extent, serving it in the mold is the better plan.