Junkie [noun]

Definition of Junkie:

drug taker

Synonyms of Junkie:



Opposite/Antonyms of Junkie:


Sentence/Example of Junkie:

A self-described comic book nerd, big film fan, and pop culture junkie, the prolific DePaul University alum began his career in Chicago’s underground scene.

Whether you’re a political junkie, a lover of gossip or a fan of engaging writing, “A Promised Land” will leave you wanting more.

The court doesn’t look at me like I’m a real person, they’re looking at me like I’m a junkie.

The company’s app supplies updates, analyst notes, and data tools for market junkies.

I have to ask you, because I know you’re as much as a junkie as I am.

“Oh, do tell us about that,” cried Junkie and his brothers, turning eagerly to Jackman.

Junkie went a few steps with him, intending to fetch another divit.

He towered over the skinny junkie, and was five or six times wider than her.

But this was new, new new, not old new, and new was always appealing to a certain kind of novelty junkie in Imagineering.

We need not say that Junkie declined obedience, neither would he listen to the silvery blandishments of Gertie.