Junkyard [noun]

Definition of Junkyard:


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Sentence/Example of Junkyard:

If we squander this moment, we will all be back in the junkyard soon enough.

She found the late saint in the junkyard tossing old iron into Shuder's wagon.

Harvey was eager to reach the junkyard and make his final arrangements and begin.

Harvey puffed at his pipe and looked out of the gate of the junkyard at the street.

The junkyard was a fine place in which to shelter stray dogs.

He would lead the way to where three canines were chained in the junkyard.

There was only one thing Lem refused to do—he would not go out of the junkyard.

It asked her to come, if she could, to see him, at the junkyard of Moses Shuder.

It was lined with metallic shelves stacked neatly with labeled boxes of parts scrounged from the junkyard.

The filth that he encouraged out in the junkyard was not tolerated inside his shack.