Jural [adjective]

Definition of Jural:

allowable, legitimate

Opposite/Antonyms of Jural:

Sentence/Example of Jural:

Woolsey says that "a slave sojourning to a free land cannot be treated as his master's property—as destitute of jural capacity."

From the notion of sin—treated in its jural aspect—Aquinas passes naturally to the discussion of Law.

The heathen Germans had two kinds of marriage, one with, the other without, jural consequences.

The jural consequences of marriage began from the moment that both were covered by the coverlet.

Evidently the higher classes had the most reason to establish the jural consequences.

The nature of modern international law is in part due to the jural bases upon which it rests.

Here they are putting their politico-jural convictions in the place of a generally recognized rule of law.

Take, for example, the conceptions borrowed from the jural sphere.

By this emphasis, arise the jural theories (Latin, jus, law).

This is a jural postulate of civilized society as we know it.