Jurisdictions [noun]

Definition of Jurisdictions:

area of authority

Synonyms of Jurisdictions:

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Sentence/Example of Jurisdictions:

In July, the Texas Supreme Court rejected a case calling the state’s shutdown unconstitutional, saying it lacked jurisdiction.

Many, but not all, election jurisdictions use these barcodes on ballot envelopes, allowing both USPS and voters to look up the status of their ballot.

Poll workers are ultimately selected by the election commissioner of each county, depending on the needs of the jurisdiction.

Those decisions are made by local jurisdictions following internal investigations.

Concerns about teaching students in China online—or anywhere, when the course material involves China—amplified after Beijing imposed a new vaguely worded national security law on Hong Kong in June that claims sweeping extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Across the country, election administrators and their staffs are facing unprecedented attacks, much of it from outside their jurisdictions, from both left- and right-wing voters and activists.

Should the new Australian rules be introduced, it could pave the way for other global jurisdictions to follow suit — not least as regulatory pressure continues to ramp up on the digital giants in Europe.

For starters, we don’t know how often police departments in the US use facial recognition for the simple reason that in most jurisdictions, they don’t have to report when they use it to identify a suspect in a crime.

So they know that they have to show themselves to be representative of everybody in their jurisdiction, not just the traditional folk that have been voting for them for the last 60 years.

Research at the national level suggests that jurisdictions with citizen review boards uphold more excessive force complaints than jurisdictions that rely on internal mechanisms.