Jurisprudence [noun]

Definition of Jurisprudence:

rules of a government, society

Opposite/Antonyms of Jurisprudence:

Sentence/Example of Jurisprudence:

It is cloaked in the language of jurisprudence, but it is fundamentally a reflection of the will of the elected officials participating in the process.

GOP questions about the role of her faithWhile Democrats’ pressure on Barrett to explain the role of her Catholic faith in her jurisprudence has gotten all the attention, they weren’t the only ones to press her on the issue — or to press her period.

He wrote on law, medical jurisprudence and political economy, and translated Justinian and Broussais.

Their reason for altering this plan and sending Peter to the School of Jurisprudence has not transpired.

Peter Ilich was too young to pass straight into the School of Jurisprudence.

At a later day the office was filled by Mr. Charles Austin, the distinguished writer on Jurisprudence.

In the departments of medicine and jurisprudence there are three degrees; those of Bachelor, Licentiate, and Doctor.

Thus the whole influence of jurisprudence, and church action, is thrown around Slavery.

Still, the fairness and impartiality for which British jurisprudence is famous, was fully extended to the accused.

It is certainly novel, and introduces a new system into the jurisprudence of the country.