Juristic [adjective]

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Every sentence, every investigation, every official act must satisfy the same demand as that made of the entire juristic science.

But a State, as a Juristic Person, wants organs to exercise its powers.

(e) The stoppage of the official administration of justice, the abolition of all that is called juristic law and of its exercise.

In the past the Unions have very largely taken what might be termed a juristic view of their functions.

At Bologna, the centre of juristic studies, Aurispa had but little success.

Juristic literature has been stimulated by the activity in positive legislation.

In worse plight than even the employment of foreign literature is the understanding of foreign juristic methods.

For legal purposes reality was to be found in this ideal, perfect, natural law, and its organ was juristic reason.

But they all come to the same final results, are marked by the same spirit and put the same shackles upon juristic activity.

Roman lawyers made the Greek philosophical conception into a juristic theory.