Jurists [noun]

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Judicial ethics experts generally say the views of a judge’s spouse should not be attributed to the jurist, although they can create an appearance problem.

Young, also a Judiciary Committee member, told The Post and Courier that more detailed disclosures are essential to selecting qualified jurists.

Several jurists say this type of procedure, although legal in Cuba, does not respect the due process that any accused deserves.

Here too, conservative jurists have challenged the doctrine.

Conservatives Clarence Thomas, 72, and Samuel Alito, 70, could opt to step aside for younger right-leaning jurists.

Whatever a jurist might have thought of these arguments, they had no effect on the Commons.

A third brother was a prominent jurist, also in Constantinople.

To the jurist, also, the question of the sexual life of the child is one of great importance.

He has executed a bust of the distinguished jurist, his father, for the Inner Temple, London.

More jurist than theologian, John defended the rights of the papacy with rigorous zeal and as rigorous logic.