Jurors [noun]

Definition of Jurors:

member of the jury

Synonyms of Jurors:

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Sentence/Example of Jurors:

A new plan laying out how San Diego’s federal court will select jurors is drawing criticism from law professors, social scientists, local attorneys and community organizations.

They provided several recommendations for how the court could expand its pool of potential jurors, which could help increase jury diversity.

The jurors also thought his original attorneys did a bad job of defending him at trial.

A conviction can only be legally accurate if the state proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt of all jurors.

What any special juror knows from any other source is not relevant there to procure conviction.

The one put to me in my official capacity as juror, is this: "Did Greatheart aid the woman?"

Reader, you are empannelled as a juror to try a plain case and bring in an honest verdict.

The ordinary juror tends to be sceptical as to the good faith of the defence of insanity.

It is almost needless to say that the son of the non-juror and his immediate posterity were staunch Jacobites, one and all.

Swear the juror to true answers make, said Attorney Pleadwell.