Jus [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jus:

They was jus' like sisters an' I never knowed nothin' but takin' keer of Mistus Newberry.

You jus' couldn' get dem out of your clothes les' you burned dem up.

But he fill up de glass jus' de same an' put in er extra spoon of sugar an' give it to me.

Maybe my father was killed in the war maybe he run away I don' know, he jus' neber come back no mo'.

It is clear from the above that if Mendelssohn failed to give Chopin his due, Chopin did more than apply the jus talionis.

Some mornin' I'll wake up an' know jus' what to do, an' that I'll do.

He's tole me all de whole beez-nesse—jus' lak you hear me now.

Why ye durned little fool ye, don't ye know Charley's jus put them dogs yar to git 'em kept.

Ye furgit who ye got the houns from an' can't git yer money back, ye're out jus thet much.

He's jus like he had a stroke of palsy, hit's a wonder the mewel hedn't killed him stun dead.