Justifiably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Justifiably:

The friends of truth cannot justifiably persevere in supporting the British Constitution as the ordinance of God.

He justifiably reckoned that he could distinguish between honest and dishonest advertising.

Irishmen may justifiably resent this cynicism on the part of an old friend.

This friendly suggestion has been yielded to, whether justifiably or not the reader must decide for himself.

Economical housekeepers very justifiably object to paying for treats to their servants' company.

Kaye justifiably puts great stress on the extent of Mandeville's indebtedness to Pierre Bayle.

It is the one way in which they can make a rich man feel uncomfortable, and they use it very justifiably for all it is worth.

I had feared that it would be thrust upon my lap, but it is likely that my competency had been justifiably suspected.

Miss Pratt seemed to be puzzled, perhaps justifiably, and she made a cooing sound of interrogation.

Thus distinguished, and justifiably conscious of his great powers, Macaulay began to aspire to a political career.