Justified [verb]

Definition of Justified:

legitimize, substantiate

Opposite/Antonyms of Justified:

Sentence/Example of Justified:

It’s not easy to justify spending hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars on a mission that could be over in a matter of hours and not give us what we need.

In its statement, the NLRB points to this precedent to justify refusing to turn over the documents sought by the House committee.

To justify the vaccine’s emergency use, the CEO explained it would help ensure the company’s workers could continue to produce vaccines.

Here, Kitchell based its recommendation on actual inspection and analysis, but recommended the most expensive option possible, which is not required by current codes or justified by reasonable safety concerns.

There’s no new science to justify removing SIRVA from the list of covered injuries.

While both proved true, most folks were surprised to hear I’d be going in the heat of July, and there was justified concern for heat exhaustion.

The records do not document a case of a complex patient that would justify the bills used to code the patient visit, she said.

It is these projections that the industry is using to justify billions in new projects, as oil companies across the world shift investment toward petrochemicals.

It’s troubling not simply because there’s one game that doesn’t justify its price tag good value, but because it signals an underwhelming approach to the entire library of Nintendo classics.

I justified missing school by deciding that I would get everything I could out of the work experience.