Justly [adverb]

Definition of Justly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Justly:

Sentence/Example of Justly:

It’s only a matter of time, he says, before college athletes are incorporated into the games and are compensated justly.

He was a patriot of the noblest and most extensive views, and justly celebrated as a man of learning, eloquent and refined.

At the end of the campaign the Emperor justly rewarded his lieutenant by creating him Prince of Wagram.

The punishment they so justly received will make them respect in future the formidable nature of our arms.

And if God knew they must fall, how could Adam help falling, and how could he justly be blamed for doing what he must do?

If, then, God put upon the bridge a weight equal to double the bearing strain, how could God justly blame the bridge for falling?

Other caricatures of the period more justly include ministers in their satire.

They justly earn it, and are rightly pleased with it; but I cannot feel sure whether they do not depend on it too much.

They pray for mercy, acknowledging that they are justly punished for forsaking true wisdom.

Alexis Normand, advocate of the parliament of Paris, died; justly celebrated for his love of justice.