Juts [verb]

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Suddenly you jut round an enormous rock, and find yourself in a river of still more sylvan gentleness than the Avon.

Red-Eye was now several yards beneath me, concealed for the moment by an out-jut of the cliff.

Church tower and castle wall jut out into a vague mystery of silhouetted outline, whether viewed by daylight or moonlight.

The jut of the Leipzig 66shuts out the view to the flanks, so that one can see little more than this.

With a grunt, he heaved the boat up on the narrow strand and knotted the painter to a fang-like jut of reef.

Thousands of logs and stumps still partly buried jut and bristle.

Therefore I shall give only two more and without extended comment; for, indeed, their characteristics jut out quite protuberantly.

From Prague to Breslau the roads are twisting and turning, and large stones jut here and there above the actual road level.

On the Turco-Servian side the masses of rock jut out so far into the stream, that no room is left for a footway.

Balconies jut out from the upper story, and Manuel and Dolores like to sit here and watch the passers-by.