Jutted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Jutted:

We passed beyond spark-range and splashed out on a sand-bar that jutted from the southern bank.

Straight ahead a section of building jutted up and revealed two small windows, which seemed to regard him like watching eyes.

It jutted forth, white and mysterious—a monstrous tenting-ground left over from the Stone Age.

They loved to slide down a bank where one rock jutted out, for then they had a big bounce.

At one end a huge rock jutted out, round the summit of which whirled an eddy.

Their visible bodies were parallel; but their rocky skeletons, that jutted into water-worn summits, were not.

Just as he was turning a corner of a little rocky ledge which jutted out in front of him, he heard a low thick hiss.

It was a narrow, sharp rock, that jutted out about two feet from the bank, quite close to the vortex of the whirlpool.

There—just a few feet beyond—their trail widened and a ledge of rock jutted out over the precipice on their left side.

She sat down on the root of an old tree that jutted out from an overhanging bank, and drew a sheet of paper from her pocket.